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The only bbq accessory you'll ever need!

The BrimroastCoals are added around the entire circumference of the grill, for even cooking.

BBQ Magic Inc. has designed and developed the brimroast, and it’s the coolest bbq accessory ever! In fact, we believe it’s the greatest bbq accessory for the barbecue since the barbecue. So get ready to become your neighborhoods next grill master!

The Brimroast is an indirect cooking apparatus that is by far the best bbq accessory product on the market. It’ll turn that typical kettle grill into a kettle oven. It does this by evenly distributing indirect heat all the way around the sides of the kettle, cooking meats evenly. No matter what type of meat you’re cooking, the Brimroast makes grilling A cilantro, lime, chicken stock mixture adds to the flavor of the meat.easy and hassle free. No more flipping, turning, burning, stabbing or poking.

The Brimroast bbq accessory also comes with a drip pan. The drip pan, centered in the middle of the grill, sits directly under the meat, catching the natural juices. We believe the drip pan serves as a flavoring tool by adding your favorite broths, veggies and seasonings. The drip pan,We tied a bundle cilantro and used it as a mop to baste the chicken while it was roasting . when used as recommended, not only adds flavor, but creates a moist atmosphere within the grill.