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About Us

We’re your typical guys next door. We’re the type of guys who enjoy friends, family and food. What better way to spend the day than hanging out around the backyard grill throwing down a few cold ones with family and friends, exercising your right to be the next backyard grill master.

A whole turkey cooked by the BrimroastLike millions of Americans every weekend, we take to the backyard, fire up that grill and throw something on the Barbie. Like most backyard grillers, we also enjoy grilling traditional hamburgers, steaks and chicken, but wanted to take traditional grilling to a whole new level.

The fact is most Americans fire up their grill for a whole 15 to 20 minutes of grill time. At BBQ Magic grilling is an event. We wanted to focus more on grilling those non-traditional meats like Whole turkeys, chickens and my personal favorite, prime rib. You see, at BBQ Magic backyard grilling is a passion.A whole prime rib cooked by the Brimroast

We believe your traditional backyard grill should be fired up whenever possible. But to make it an event, have some guests over and grill a turkey or a prime rib, and believe me they’ll be wowed! So before your next get together consider BBQ Magic, I guarantee your guests will be impressed.